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Supported Housing for Vulnerable People

Populus Housing is a Stoke-on-Trent based supported housing provider. We provide focused help to people with low level learning difficulties, low level physical disabilities and care leavers.

What do we do?

Usually a maximum of two people will live together in a house to enable them to support each other, as they will usually not be used to living alone.

We aim to link our clients into education, health, and community opportunities appropriate to their needs within the local community, as well as developing a community within the group as a whole. We also focus on quality rather than quantity and aim to grow sustainably in future years.

What is Supported Housing?

Low cost rental accommodation provided by a housing provider which:

  • Is made available with appropriate support.
  • Is made exclusively to residents who have
    been identified as needing support.
  • We provide:
    1. Accommodation that has been designed, structurally altered or refurbished in order to enable residents to live independently.
    2. Accommodation that has been designated as being available only to individuals within an identified group with specific support needs.

Intensive Housing Management Support

We provide Intensive Housing Management Support (IHMS) to a variety of properties in the Midlands area.

What is IHMS?

Intensive Housing Management (IHMS) is a service provided by a supported housing landlord, differentiating it from a general needs landlord. The services are provided to ensure the viability of the tenancy with respect to the needs of the tenant.

Intensive Housing Management can include ordinary landlord services provided at a greater frequency or intensity than would ordinarily be provided.

Intensive Housing Management can include

It can also include services which are additional to the services an ordinary landlord might provide, including (but not limited to):

  • Provision of minor repairs and maintenance that a tenant would be expected to do themselves in a general.
  • Provision of additional communal services that the tenant cannot perform themselves, such as gardening, window cleaning, cleaning of communal areas.
  • Adaptations made to the property to ensure its suitability for the tenant.
  • Provision of accessible materials and documentation to support the tenant’s understanding.
  • 24/7 contact services for repairs and general enquiries.
  • An increased number of inspections and property visits.
  • Liaison with other parties involved in the provision of care and other support services to the tenant.
Tenants, family members and support staff can

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